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Looking to sell your real estate or property? If you are  looking to upgrade or downsize your current home due to changing family circumstances, or maybe you are looking to relocate and need to sell your home or business property?

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to sell your property, KD Property Conveyancing Coffs Harbour will be able to help make the process easy and stress free.


You must have a Contract for Sale of Land prepared and provided to your nominated Real Estate Agent before they are able to market your property for sale. 

Many people sell and purchase property at the same time therefore co-ordinating a simultaneous sale and purchase involves a lot of project management skills, legal obligations and extensive experience in the conveyancing industry, especially to have both transactions complete on the same date. We not only have this skill and experience, we will be there throughout your selling process (every step of the way) and will supply the following conveyancing services to help you sell your real estate or property:

Prepare a draft Contract for Sale of Land;

Provide the Contract to your nominated Real Estate Agent;

Arranging for you to sign the Contract in preparation for exchange;

Organising the pay-out of your existing mortgage;

Arranging settlement;

Calculation of settlement adjustments;

Attendance to settlement;

Banking of proceeds to your nominated bank account;

Provide you with statement of settlement figures for your records.

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